Stress Less at Work

Winter is coming! It’s a time of year where many people’s emotions take a nosedive. The cold of winter and lack of sunlight can make shaking the blues a challenge! Some of the simplest things can give your mood a much-needed boost.

Being around nature can improve mood and lower anxiousness. But let’s face it; it’s cold outside in most places in the US.
1. Working in front of a large window can do wonders.

What can set our soul on fire or create an amazing calm?
2. Music
Stick to upbeat tunes or soft melodies in your choice of genre. Be mindful to avoid songs with lyrics that provoke anger or are depressing. Pandora and Spotify are great free options for continuous listening.

Where can you learn about anything, get big laughs or a free pick me up?
3. Youtube
Just put in some earbuds and smile while you work listening to your favorite comedians. Or maybe you’re a fan of inspirational speakers? Do you enjoy speakers like Brene Brown, Eric Thomas or Les Brown? This does the heart good too.

4. Take your breaks! Simple right? Truth is, it can be very tempting to work through lunch or skip breaks. Deadlines don’t care that you’re hungry…right? On the other hand, breaks can position you for fresh ideas and a welcomed second wind. We are more prone to mistakes and mental blocks when we don’t take time to regroup and pull away.

5. Get your butt up! Are you sitting for most of the day? The mood booster you need at work may also be connected to moving your feet. Exercise is a natural medicine for stress and mild anxiety and depression. Does your job have a fitness perk or a safe place for walking nearby? Get moving!

6. Be intentional about your spiritual health. Our wellness involves mind, body AND spirit. What can you do to strengthen and honor your spirit? Is it giving back? A faith-based devotional? Music? Church? It’s important to explore what fills your cup spiritually too. Having a sense of purpose goes beyond waking up and working every day. It is powerful to create a sense of belonging and meaning in your life.

One last tip that will give your mood wings…
7. Gratitude
Practicing gratitude can really give you a powerful perspective and boost. Just keep a small jar on your desk and everyday jot down something that means so much to you. At the end of the week, you can read what you’ve written down for the week.

Written By: Natasha D. Oates, Award-Winning Therapist & Relationship Coach

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