Have you tried your best to hide how bad it’s gotten; do you really feel alone, overwhelmed and exhausted? Maybe life has given you hit, after hit, after hit.

Aisha’s own journey of overcoming obstacles gives her a unique ability to connect with her clients in an empowering way. Aisha shows her clients how to create an enjoyable life despite of a painful past and draining situations.

Aisha has a compassionate and calming presence. She brings fresh perspectives and powerful experiences through using expressive arts, CBT and EMDR in sessions. She has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is licensed as a professional counselor associate.

As a parent, Aisha understands the struggles you face with balancing parenthood, building a career, and maintaining a social life. She believes that adding yourself back to your priority list is key to “mental wealth.” Aisha specializes in helping teens, young adults and women. She enjoys helping them work through career, academic and postpartum challenges. She’s ready to help you. Reserve an appointment today!

Natasha Oates MA, EdS, LCMHC

It is painful to be in a relationship and still feel alone. Relationship stress can make it hard to sleep, focus at work and relax at home.

Are you feeling stressed out because of all the roles you juggle and all the people who are depending on you? Have you lost your passion and focus? Natasha Oates will help you learn ways to work through your relationship issues and life stressors.

Natasha is living proof that you can work to establish a healthy relationship despite of generations of dysfunction within family ties. She also understands the challenges that come with balancing roles as a wife, parent and business woman.

Natasha Oates connected her passion for healthy relationships and work/life balance with education by getting a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She an award-winning licensed therapist, keynote speaker and community programming facilitator. Natasha has worked with couples and professionals in private practice, EAP and conferences. She supports families locally in uptown Charlotte, NC and virtually online at The UP Company.

Natasha’s purpose of ending unhealthy family legacies is a reflection of what she continues to do in her own marriage. She is happily married to her husband of 13+ years and they are proud parents. Reserve an appointment today!

Corday Johnson, Therapist Intern

Are you a parent, that is concerned about the changes in behavior you have seen in your teen? Has it been difficult to get them to talk to you about what’s really going on? There’s no manual on parenting and maybe you just want to have them speak to a professional to ensure that they have strategies to help them handle their emotions, responsibilities and peer relationships well.

Maybe you’re seeking services for yourself. Has it been difficult to deal with the stress from adulting during a pandemic? We want you to receive high quality support without finances being a barrier.

Corday Johnson understands the challenges parents are facing with parenting during a crisis and the weight of the pressure from stress and uncertainties.

Corday Johnson would like to help you. You deserve to finally feel heard and to receive real life strategies that work! Corday Johnson has a background in the US Air Force. She is completing her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling at Liberty University. Her clients continue to share that her counseling services are excellent. Reserve an appointment beginning January 2021!

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Aleina Peluso, Office Administrator

Aleina is a Maine native and graduate of Eckerd College in Florida with a degree in International Business and minor in Spanish – of which she is proficient -, and Anthropology. 
She’s worked in the restaurant & event industry and is a world traveler; she has spent many months traveling independently throughout South America, Europe, and Asia. 
Aleina is an AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni and completed her service with the Portland Public Schools’ Multilingual & Multicultural Center in Community Outreach & Development. 
Her areas of focus are grant writing, reporting, communications, events, and social media. She recently moved to Charlotte, NC with her husband and is a wonderful addition to the team at The UP Company.
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