Counseling for Women & Girls

  • Are you known as "the strong one" in your family, helping everyone & doing everything?
  • Do your friends think you have it all, but you feel alone and exhausted?
  • Do you want genuine happiness, not just wearing a mask to survive the day?

Everyday, we help women just like you! What if the exhaustion, frustration and loneliness is the wakeup call you need to discover your best life! Do something different, make your needs a priority. Reserve Your First Appointment with Aisha El Today!  Evening and weekend appointments are available with Aisha El.

Relationship & Premarital Counseling

  • Do you feel unappreciated and alone in your relationship?
  • Do you dread going home because of endless arguments?
  • Are you tired of getting the silent treatment for days?

This is not what you signed up for! Make your relationship stronger than ever. Don’t go one more day without making your relationship a priority! Make your relationship stronger than ever.  Reserve your appointment with Natasha Oates today! 

Revive Your Relationship

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Free & Reduced Fee Program

This program will continue May 2020. To join the waiting list email:

  • Are you tired of getting calls from the school and worried that your son is going down the wrong path?
  • Has the man in your life seemed angry often or distant, not like himself?
  • Do you think counseling isn't an option because of your financial issues?

The Unlimited Perseverance program provides $35 rate for anyone who is experiencing financial stressors. If you are unemployed or receive Medicaid, Medicare or Food Stamps, services from our therapist intern are FREE.


  • 1st Appt. Rates: $120-$150
  • Ongoing Rates: $100-$120
  • Group Rates: $40
  • Medical Flex Cards
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Payment Plans Available
  • In lieu of Insurance: Our clients receive out of network reimbursement after they file receipts with insurance. Payment Plans are available upon request.

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