Are you being honest with yourself about the main issues in your relationship? Are they normal issues or matters that require immediate change and support? Be sure to review Part I and then take a look at additional red flags for relationships:

Red Flags of Silence: Have there been major issues that have come up, but your partner refuses to discuss them? Maybe they view discussing concerns as being ungrateful or unnecessary. or those problems are resolved by acting as if nothing bad ever happened. When relationships have a culture of “we don’t talk about problems” it will unintentionally cause a breeding ground for resentment and neglect. This may be a reg flag for silence.

Red Flags of Minimizing: Does your partner tend to make your concerns seem like they’re not a big deal? Are issues seen as something to be ignored or just move past without addressing them fully? This type of behavior can make you feel as if you should remain silent about concerns. This may be a red flag for minimizing.

Red Flags of Incompletion: Do you or your partner have a hard time letting issues go? Do you often avoid conversations about issues? Are you often confused about why your partner is so upset? This may be a red flag of incompletion.

Red Flags of Unreliability: Do you or your partner have a difficult time letting people in? Have you spent most of your life relying on yourself? Do you avoid asking your partner for help or saying what you need so that you won’t be disappointed or hurt? This may be a red flag of unreliability.

Written By: Natasha D. Oates, Award-Winning Therapist & Relationship Coach

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