Overcoming Financial Fights in Your Relationship
Part I

When we get married, we often think about the fairytale of living happily ever after. But some issues will come up in marriage, especially if you haven’t discussed them beforehand. Some couples believe things will work themselves out. Things will unfold how they need to financially.

It is essential that we have in-depth conversations about money. It indeed can be hard to talk about money. Many couples avoid it altogether. We consider finances to be one of the pillars of a marital relationship.

Many marriages that end in divorce are because of financial fights or disagreements. It’s important that couples get on the same page with expenses and financial goals. Learning to work together so they can create a future for themselves and their children.

Breaking the silence about money can become our lifeline to the quality of life we really want. And if we’re not doing the things to make that quality of life happen, then it will be just a matter of time before they bump heads.

We have to be able to talk to our spouse when tension is high, especially when money is low.

Written by: Natasha D. Oates, Award-winning therapist & marriage counselor

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