Overcoming Financial Fights in Your Relationship
Part I

When we get married, we often think about the fairytale of living happily ever after. But some issues will come up in marriage, especially if you haven’t discussed them beforehand. Some couples believe things will work themselves out. Things will unfold how they need to financially. It is essential that we have in-depth conversations about […]

“The Real Reason You’re Beefin’ In Your Relationship” Part II

As we shared in Part I, The Hailstorm is the pursuer in the relationship during arguments. Pushing the matter even if it’s not the right time or place. You might think the Hailstorm is the one that is problem. They tend to be “the loud ones” during a disagreement. It’s important to understand that neither […]

“The Real Reason You’re Beefin’ In Your Relationship” Part I

What is it like for your significant other to disagree with you? It is hard to get anywhere? Is it hard to be on the same page? Here are some important tools or strategies for not just couples but also family members or friends. This information comes from the Imago body of Research and from […]