Netflix’s Queen Charlotte & Mental Health Part III

Dark Past There were a lot of steamy scenes in this series, but what made me clutch my pearls was the terrible scenes of torture that they disguised as medicine for the King’s mental illness. It was so heartbreaking; it made me look away. It is so important that we talk about the dark areas […]

Netflix’s Queen Charlotte & Mental Health Part II

The Burden of Mental Illness In this series, the main character, King George, truly lived a double life. He did the best he could to conceal his mental illness. Many who experience mental illness fear being a burden to their friends and families. It’s really common for people to start to isolate themselves. To withdraw. […]

Stress Less & Break Cycles (Part IV)

A lot of women’s stress comes from relationships. What did your parents teach you about relationships? What did they model for you? All of this stuff is within us, and it shows up somehow. As adults, we get to decide to “eat the meat and leave the bones.” 7. Break the cycle: These are certain […]

Stress Less & Break Cycles (Part III)

Tend to your body. Memories that stimulate intense emotions or fear from traumatic events can get trapped in our bodies. It is unexplainable moments of feeling tense, anxious, or defensive during non-threatening situations that may mean physically releasing the stress in our bodies is needed. Strategies like deep breathing, massage, and yoga release tension and stress. […]

Stress Less & Break Cycles (Part 1)

You’ll sleep when you’re dead. Team no sleep. You’ve heard these phrases before. The truth is, it’s only sustainable for a while. Our mind and body will eventually show the wear and tear from years of pushing beyond what is healthy. We can only wear a game face for so long before that mask begins […]

5 Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Do To Save Your Marriage (Part I)

If your relationship is not the same way it used to be. It’s become like a roommate situation. We are here to help you get back to feeling like soulmates. 1.   Have a plan for your stress. Running a business is stressful! There is always a problem to be solved; there are new questions, someone […]

“The Real Reason You’re Beefin’ In Your Relationship” Part II

As we shared in Part I, The Hailstorm is the pursuer in the relationship during arguments. Pushing the matter even if it’s not the right time or place. You might think the Hailstorm is the one that is problem. They tend to be “the loud ones” during a disagreement. It’s important to understand that neither […]

“The Real Reason You’re Beefin’ In Your Relationship” Part I

What is it like for your significant other to disagree with you? It is hard to get anywhere? Is it hard to be on the same page? Here are some important tools or strategies for not just couples but also family members or friends. This information comes from the Imago body of Research and from […]

3 Common Mistakes Married Couples Make

What He Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him. Couples keep secrets from each other for a lot of reasons. Maybe out of fear of judgment, fear of not being able to make decisions without pushback, or even out of something missing in their relationship. Whatever the reason keeping secrets in your marriage leads to the possibility […]