4 . Zip your lip

As an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time thinking and strategizing, wondering if that’s the right thing to do. You have this new goal. There is this constant flow of thoughts about the business, and you may overshare in your relationship. As an entrepreneur, you sacrifice so much time and energy. It’s late at night and early morning sometimes. Even after you finish the work, you sometimes barely have anything to give. Consider that, your partner is already alongside you and also sacrifices so much. You have to know when to stop talking about the business. They don’t see you or spend time with you the way they typically would, had you not been an entrepreneur. The different financial standing you would be in if you were not building a business. Know when to make the conversation about your partner and not the business. Or it can come across as a mistress instead of a legacy. Find ways to connect with your partner to prevent those types of common struggles.

5. What got you here is what will keep you here.

Consider, what drew your partner to you in the beginning. What did they really enjoy from you? How well have you kept that same energy? What are you doing to show you are still interested in your sweetheart? In addition to consistent date nights, are you still kissing and making love? Are you doing the little things? For those who have been in a relationship for a while. Things have changed… The things that you liked, in the beginning might be a little different now, so it is important to check in and become curious. Do you really know the date night that would be amazing for your partner? What are your partner’s top love languages?

What helped them feel closest to you? Oftentimes, we can get in the loop of focusing on responsibilities: the business, never-ending chores, bills, kids, and responsibilities. So, consider, what are the little things that help your partner feel most connected to you. Do not guess! Ask…

Bonus tip: You need to make money

Let’s have a heart-to-heart. There are a lot of disagreements with entrepreneurs in their relationship when you are not making money yet. The Struggle is still real! Spouses often ask: “It’s been a while, a few years; how come to this thing is not launching the way you say it would?!” One of the important things to do is to hold up your end of the bargain, and I know you are doing all that you can do it. It’s hard. Have you seen the statistics on how many businesses fail in the first year or two? I want to offer this advice to you: Get mentorship and get around people who are seasoned in what you want to do. Organizations like SCORE and local community colleges offer free business coaching and workshops. You’ll likely also get to the place of needing specialized support. Pay for it when needed. Consulting or business conferences that offer practical effective strategies and great networking. Do not do it alone! A lack of money from business should not be an ongoing problem in your relationship. These disagreements can often feel like they’re not supportive; I know it’s stressful constantly worrying about money or the next fight. It can be so discouraging not to have a cheerleader at home. The best way to regain your partner’s support is by showing them this idea can actually work.

Written by: Natasha D. Oates, award-winning therapist & relationship coach

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